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Finding the best price has never been easier.

Just select your State and Birthday. And, you will find the absolute lowest priced plans in your area.

Lets face it none of us plan on going tomorrow. But, if something does happen we want to make sure our family is protected.

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01  Compare and save

Compare all the lowest priced plans in your area, and know you got the best deal possible.

02  Simple Application

There are just a few questions to answers.  No health exams.  Coverage is guaranteed.

03  Steady premiums

Your premiums will never go up.  And your policy can never be canceled.

04  full benefits

Ask about the new living benefits. That actually pay you money while your still alive.

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We allow you to compare and save.
Just put in your age and location and get a list of the top five plans in your area.

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We give you a list of the most affordable companies in your area. This way, you can see which one is best. You pick the plan, you pick price.

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Not only, do we make sure that you get the lowest price possible. We work with you to insure that you get the coverage that best fits your needs.


We have you covered
If you don't qualify for a preferred plan you can get a guaranteed issue plan

Preferred Issue

These are plans that require you to answer some health questions. They offer (day one) coverage.

Guaranteed Issue

These plans have no health questions. You can’t be turned down for any reason.  Acceptance is guaranteed.

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Full service

About Us

Remember, Just because YouShopInurance is an online insurance shop doesn’t mean we aren’t a full-service agency. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to give us a call anytime.  

Just keep in mind that we only sell whole life plans, unlike AARP or Globe Life.  They try to hook you in with low prices.  But, they don’t bother telling you that it is term life insurance.  Or that, in 20 years when you need it the most, it will expire.  Then good luck finding another plan when your in your 80’s.  Let us help you find an affordable plan, that will be there when your family needs it.


Youshopinsurance was great they got me the coverage I needed at a price I could afford. I was even able to get living benefits built right in to my plan. they were really great. I highly recommend them for any one looking for a plan.
Joan T.
You shop insurance took the time to help me get the plan I needed. Even though I have several severe health issues. They were able to get me an affordable plan that I know will be there when my family needs it.
Steve R.
I was in term life plan with another company and had no idea that my coverage was going to run out when I turned 82. You shop insurance got me whole life coverage at a great price. Now, my family is protected. I can't thank you guys enough.
Rodney P.

Final Expense plans

Protect what means the most to you in these uncertain times.   If not you then who?



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