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Did you ever request a free quote for insurance online? Only to be bombarded by phone calls and texts for weeks. Don’t you wish you could just go online. Pick the plan you want and buy it. Well, with YoushopInsurance's new insuremenow direct platform, you can do just that.

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Ease of use

Now getting covered is a breeze. Best of all you don’t even need an agent.  Just follow this four step process, and you will be covered before you know it. 

01  Enter your Info

Click on a free quote button and then enter your state, zip code, and age.  No personal information needed.

02  get a quote

Just select the type of insurance you want and get a quote.

04  start the app

Fill out the application, and you are finished. Best of all, you can do it all by yourself.

04  Boom! your done

You can get approved in a matter of minutes.  Even print out your insurance cards online.

Quick Quotes

Get a quick quote for any plan you want. You don't even have to enter any personal information.

Save big

We already shopped the best prices for each plan so you won't have too. Now you can shop with confidence.

Its a Snap

Just click on the plan you want and buy it. You don't even need to talk to an agent if you choose not too.


We have you covered
If you don't qualify for term life you can get a whole life policy

Term Life

These are plans that require you to answer some health questions. You can qualify for up to $500,000 worth of coverage.  And, be able to apply up to age 65. This is great for use as mortgage protection.  This way you will know that if anything happens to you that your family is protected.

Whole Life

There are no health questions, and anyone between the ages of 50 and 80 is guaranteed.  You can get up to $25,000 worth of whole life insurance.  Let’s face it. None of us plan on going tomorrow. But, if something does happen we want to make sure our family is protected.

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Full service

About Us

Remember, Just because YouShopInurance is an online insurance shop doesn’t mean we aren’t a full-service agency. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to give us a call anytime. 

I got a $250,000 term life plan all by myself with no agent. Then I purchased the DVH (dental, vision,hearing) plan for $25.00 a month. I really like Youshopinsurance.
Joan T.
I was able to get a final expense plan for $12,000 from Gerber life. I also bought my grandson a $25,000 policy that automatically doubles at age 18. I would definitely recommend this site.
John D.
I really liked being able to go online and buy my term life plan and some critical illness insurance. Without having to deal with any high pressure sale person. There wasn't ten agents calling me day and night. It's great!
Ron M.


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